8 Common Electrical Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know

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8 Common Electrical Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know

14 September 2023
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Every homeowner should know how to fix some common electrical issues. Acquiring the knowledge of performing basic electrical repairs can prove to be a valuable asset, saving you substantial amounts of money, time, and unnecessary stress in the long term. Sometimes, electrical issues in your home can cause serious damage or accidents, leading to injuries or even loss of life. This post will discuss eight common electrical repairs every homeowner should know how to do. 

1. Fixing a Circuit Breaker That Keeps Tripping

A circuit breaker that keeps tripping off can be frustrating. However, it is essential to understand that it's a sign there's an electrical issue. The circuit breaker trips off to prevent overloading the electrical system. To fix this, ensure you turn off all electrical devices and reset the breaker. 

2. Replacement of Light Bulbs

Replacing light bulbs is an easy electrical repair every homeowner should know how to do. It's a simple task that only requires purchasing a compatible bulb that is precisely the same as the one you want to replace.

3. Fixing Short Circuits

A short circuit occurs when a live wire unintentionally makes contact with a neutral wire, leading to tripped fuses or burnt breakers. To resolve this, you should first identify the circuit responsible for the issue, then turn off the main power supply, and finally replace the damaged cables or wires.

4. Replacing Damaged Outlets

Damaged outlets can be a risk to the electrical system and can even cause a fire outbreak. To fix this, you need to switch off the power supply, remove the cover plate and the old outlet, then attach the new outlet.

5. Repairing Broken Light Switches

Replacing a broken light switch is an easy DIY electrical repair that every homeowner should know how to do. To fix this, turn off the power supply switch, remove the cover plate, and then attach a new switch.

6. Fixing Blown Fuses

A blown fuse can cause electrical devices to malfunction. To fix this, you need to locate the fuse box, switch off the power supply, and then replace the blown fuse.

7. Fixing Electrical Outlets That Don't Work

If you discover an electrical outlet that doesn't work, it could mean that the outlet has been damaged or a fuse has blown. You can fix this by turning off the power supply and replacing the blown fuse or a damaged outlet.

8. Replacement of Light Switches

Replacing light switches is a simple electrical repair every homeowner should know how to do. You need to switch off the power supply, remove it, then attach a new switch.

These basic electrical repairs that were discussed can be done by any homeowner who takes the time to understand how the electrical system works. Nevertheless, for any issue related to the electrical system of your home that you're unsure of, it's best to seek the help of a licensed electrician.

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