Is Something Wrong With Your Commercial Walk-In Freezer Or Cooler?

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Is Something Wrong With Your Commercial Walk-In Freezer Or Cooler?

10 July 2023
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At many commercial sites, walk-in freezers and coolers are central to their operations. Knowing when something is wrong so you can start commercial walk-in freezer repair work can save you lots of money. How do you tell, though?


Most commercial freezer and cooler systems have alarms. These detect temperatures that are out of acceptable bounds. If the temperature strikes a certain threshold, the machine sounds an alarm. Also, it typically kicks up an error code that indicates what the problem is, such as the temperature running too hot or cold.

Condensation or Ice

Unless you're constantly moving in and out of the unit on a hot and humid day, there should be little to no build-up of condensation or ice. These issues can appear inside the system or near it, depending on what's wrong. For example, a busted seal could let cold air out. This may act as a condenser and cause water to collect at the unit's opening. Conversely, air could flow into the unit and freeze along the interior walls.

Bad Smells

The wrong combination of warmth and humidity can cause mold formation. Also, the contents of a unit may spoil. Usually, this is more of a sign associated with commercial walk-in cooler repair issues rather than freezers. Coolers operate at higher temperatures, and they're more vulnerable simply because they run closer to the optimal conditions for mold. If you have cleaned the freezer and still notice bad smells, then it's time for repairs.

Also, be aware of electrical smells. If something smells like melted rubber, for example, an electrical component could be shorted or overheated. This is a fire risk, and you should call a technician immediately.


Sometimes the unit runs within parameters but gets noisy. Lines can start to clog, and that can cause noise. Similarly, mechanical components may wear out and begin grinding. While you expect the unit to get louder with age, it shouldn't become noticeably worse quickly. If it does, then you should have a technician check the system.

Growing Energy Bills

Your system will become less efficient with time. However, a rapid increase in energy consumption is a sign that something's wrong. The motor may be compensating and still cooling things properly, but it's doing more work to accomplish the same job. Your unit may be close to failing. Even if it doesn't fail, operating the system this way is likely to be costly.

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