4 Interesting Things Electrical Contractors Might Discover In A Home That Has Flickering Lights Issues

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4 Interesting Things Electrical Contractors Might Discover In A Home That Has Flickering Lights Issues

23 May 2023
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Flickering lights can be a nuisance to homeowners. Sometimes their frustrations may be a sign of an underlying issue that could be comparable to a nightmare. Routine residential electrical services such as inspections are a viable way to identify whether repairs or upgrades are needed. Some individuals forego these services and may only seek services if something such as an electrical fire or loss of power in their homes occurs. They may view flickering lights as a minor issue. The following points highlight a few things that can cause this phenomenon to occur.

Loose Connections

Loose wires can cause arcing to occur, and lights may flicker due to the wire(s) trying to maintain or create a good connection. Arcing issues create significant heat and sparks. This issue is serious because it is one of the leading causes of electrical fires. Loose wiring may occur behind switch plates, outlets, or within fixtures and circuit panel boxes.

Overloaded Circuits

Many older homes have never had any electrical upgrades or have not had any recently. Homeowners may be aware that their flickering light issues are caused by using too many things at once that require electricity. However, they may assume that their upgrade issue can wait. Overloaded circuits can cause light flickering and put homes at increased risk for electrical fires. Most circuit panel boxes are designed for overloaded circuits to trip. Frequent circuit breaker tripping is a serious sign that residential electrical services are needed. Individuals who do not seek services may end up causing damage to their electronics or appliances. 


Electrical systems may get corrosion if they are exposed to water or moisture. It may also occur when wiring ages. This is why some individuals who have hidden water leaks in their homes may notice flickering light episodes. Others who have recently gotten repairs for water damage may also notice this occurrence. Corrosion negatively impacts electrical currents. An appropriate residential electrical service for this issue is to locate and replace corroded portions.

Utility Service Issues

Sometimes homeowners who have good electrical systems experience flickering lights. Their issues may be related to their electrical service provider. They might experience the issue when their neighbors are consuming a lot of electricity. This is why it may be noticed during certain hours. 

Electric contractors are a good resource to use to identify the exact cause of flickering lights. They can perform inspections and troubleshoot electrical systems for issues such as bad or outdated wiring. Contractors can implement residential electrical services such as rewiring and other upgrades to improve the performance and safety of electrical systems. 

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